Dr. Carmen Purl

EPSON MFP imageCertification:  Dr. Purl is Board Certified in Family Medicine and has been since 1988.  She is a member of the Texas Medical Association and Member of the Medical staff at Moore County Hospital District.  She is the medical director of Coldwater Manor Nursing Home and Stratford Family Medical Clinic.

Training:  Dr. Purl completed her residency in Family Medicine at Central Texas Medical Foundation and at Brackenridge Hospital in Austin.  She received her medical degree fro UTHSC at San Antonio.  She has a Bachelor's Degree from West Texas State University and Amarillo College.


Experience:  Dr Purl came to Sunray in 2003 from the Emergency department at Golden Plains Community Hospital .


Missions:  She has 7 years of ER experience in addition to her private Family Practice experience.  Dr Purl travels frequently to developing countries around the world to offer medical care and hope to the poorest of the poor.  Her recent trips include Africa, Southeast Asia and Central America.  Dr. Purl is grateful to have patients who understand the poverty of people around the world and who are willing to share their family doctor with those in need.


Family:  Dr. Purl is married to David Purl her best friend and dearest supporter for over 30 years.  She has three adult children and is the proud Mimi to three grandchildren.

Meet Dr. Purl

Women 18-64


We provide the full spectrum of primary care for women.  Young women receive focus on reproductive services including contraceptive care and PAP screenings.


Women who are 30 to 50 receive a balanced preventative plan that emphasizes issues pertinent to that age group: cardiovascular screening, weight management, and reproductive needs.


Women who are 50 and older receive a preventative plan that is focused on their age appropriate needs: menopause, cardiovascular health, cancer screening (breast and colon and skin) as well as musculoskeletal health (bone density).