Infants – 4yrs


Dr. Purl sees your babies after you leave the hospital during that first week at home.  We encourage breastfeeding and have an independent nurse lactation consultant who will help with any challenges you are facing. We follow the most current immunization schedules recommended by the CDC (Center for Disease Control).  We use all possible combination products to decrease the number of injections.  Your baby will need “3 shots and a drop” at the 2 month, 4 month and 6 month visits.  Things will then slow down and your next checkups will be the 12 month and 18 month visits.  After those, your precious child will be done with the “baby shots” until the 4 year old shots that start off the school experience.


At all visits, your child will be weighed and measured.  During the checkups, we will discuss developmental milestones for speech, fine motor, gross motor and neurologic development.  It is important that your child get all check ups, even when there is no scheduled immunization, so that we can track growth and development.  Remember to schedule the check up every year during their birthday month!

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